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Why do babies cry more with their mothers?

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Does your baby keep crying when she’s with you and it’s making you feel bad? Find out why babies cry more when they’re with their moms and what to do about it.

A bonding side not to be overlooked

Your baby has been in your belly for almost 9 months. He knows your voice, he knows that he and you are one. So when your baby is close to you, he expects affection, reassurance, and the knowledge that he matters to you. Above all, he wants to be carried in your arms, to be pampered and cuddled. That’s why he may cry more than he should to get your attention.

While he was warm in the depths of your womb, baby discovers a universe that he did not know. A changing universe, with emptiness and temperature changes, unknown beings and forms. He only knows you and his cries are in a way a cry of alarm so that you can reassure him of what he considers in his first months as a hostile universe.

The fusion between mother and child, mutual understanding, but also patience, allow the fears and the cries of baby to fade away as time goes by.

The search for protection and food

When a baby is born, he must develop his personality. But before he can develop his character, alertness, curiosity and intelligence, he must first satisfy his most basic needs, starting with food. If you’re used to breastfeeding your baby to help him develop his immune system, you should know that when he sees you, when he’s carrying you, he’ll instinctively seek out food. And if he fails to feed, he can easily start crying.

But that’s not all: the breast for baby is not only a way to feed, it is also a way to feel protected, to be close to his mother, to reassure himself, often before starting a nap or a well-deserved rest. The breast is this means of fusion that allows the little one to grow in this unknown universe without being lost or terrorized.

Why do babies cry more with their mothers?

When baby hears you or knows you’re close to him, he’ll claim that protection and urge you to get closer. It’s not because your baby doesn’t like you or wants to hurt you, it’s just that he wants you to be as close as possible so that you can focus only on him. For the first 6 months, your baby will demand your undivided attention, because you are the only person he trusts completely.

Father, siblings and other relatives as curiosity

Let’s now come to the main reasons for baby’s relative calm when he is alone with dad, grandma, grandpa or any other person, more or less close. It is important to know that after a few weeks, baby begins to be awake. He recognizes shapes, is interested in his environment, tries to understand how his new world works and asks himself the first questions. With dad or any other person in the family, baby recognizes a different way, but with which he begins to become familiar. He begins to identify people better, and it is with a certain curiosity that he looks or contemplates any person who is not his mother.

While mom is the link between his life in the womb and the outside world, and who gives him food and protection, the other members of the family are for him a subject of reflection and questioning. Until the 6th month, baby will cry more with you than with anyone else, but will share with you, his mother, the first moments of real emotion which are joy and affection.

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