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Because the arrival of a baby is a fantastic human adventure, it is also full of surprises! SOS Parent is a blog that takes you into the world of parents and babies. And we answer all the questions you may have about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and education.

SOS Parent: our approach

When we learned that we were going to become parents for the first time, we were overwhelmed with emotion. An immense joy, raw happiness! This moment was so intense that we were also quickly overwhelmed with questions. Questions about the pregnancy, the medical examinations, the type of food to put in place, the development of the foetus. Then there were questions about the birth, the best way to behave during the first years of the baby’s life, and the education of our future child. We then started looking for answers on the internet. Advice from paediatricians, doctors, specialists, but also the experiences of other parents. All the information we gathered here and there was not enough to satisfy our overwhelming curiosity. What’s more, we really wish we had found them all in one place! So, between recommendations based on scientific readings and personal experiences, our articles are, above all, written for you! And it is in this whirlwind of questions that the SOS Parent blog was born. We have thus created a site that brings together all parents, with content that informs and reassures you!

SOS Parent

Who is this blog for?

SophieSo our blog is for all mums and dads! Whether you already have children or your next one is your first. We know how natural it is to feel a certain amount of anxiety at each stage of your child’s life. Our role is to provide you with advice on how to give your baby the best environment to grow up in. However, as each situation is unique, we make sure that our articles respond to the most generalized contexts. This allows us to give you a broad perception of the topics we cover, while maintaining the accuracy that is essential to the accuracy of the information we communicate.

What will you read in our articles?

In this blog specially designed for parents, we provide clear, simple and comprehensive explanations to all your questions about pregnancy, childbirth and raising your child. All of our articles are carefully written to meet the needs of both mums and dads. Yes, because welcoming a child is a shared experience!

The joys of pregnancy!

9 months of pregnancy go by at a crazy pace. Between medical appointments, body changes and the need to rest, your couple has only one topic of conversation: your future baby. SOS Parent reveals how your baby feels when he or she is still warm in the mother’s belly. We also tell you about the best way to feed your baby and how to relieve discomfort during this period.

Childbirth in a nutshell

The moment of delivery (also) produces a great wave of questions, even a certain amount of anxiety for both parents. Will I have a vaginal delivery? How does a caesarean section work? How long does the birth last? Can the father be present when the baby arrives? Don’t worry, SOS Parent will help you prepare for this exceptional event! We have articles on the different types of childbirth, as well as a wealth of advice on how to prepare for this day.

Education: a daily challenge

Our duty as parents is to provide a balanced and positive education for our children. SOS Parent gives you guides and tips to help your child discover the world with enthusiasm! Sometimes, certain rules are obvious to put in place and your child understands them very well. But when it comes to the subjects of developing independence, self-confidence and esteem, every word and gesture is of vital importance.

The fusional relationship between mother and child: what is the place of the father?

The mother-child bond is undoubtedly the strongest and most intimate of relationships. This bond is built up during pregnancy and intensifies once your baby is born. Moreover, the maternal attachment is the emotional thread that will run through your child’s life. But what about the father? How can the father find his place in this inflexible cocoon between mother and baby? SOS Parent offers you gentle solutions so that each member of your family can find their place in a fair and balanced way. SOS Parent

SOS Parent and you, a beautiful story begins

The SOS Parent blog is a concentrate of advice, information and recommendations. Discover all our content now:

  • realistic, highlighting highly targeted topics ;
  • benevolent, taking into account everyone’s differences and the difficulties you encounter on a daily basis;
  • cooperative, because we take into account the questions you leave us in your comments;
  • and positive, because welcoming a baby can only be done with a smile!