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The advantages of a baby neck warmer

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When winter starts to set in, it tends never to come alone. Indeed, this period is always accompanied by a very cold weather and its share of diseases such as flu, colds and others. So, to avoid all this, it is important to equip baby well. A hat, heavy coat, gloves and a neck warmer are the basics of a winter outfit. There are many advantages to using a neck warmer instead of a sling, which we will outline below.

Un équipement à toute épreuve

Babies are small creatures who need to be well protected against the cold and the diseases that winter brings with it. We cannot stay locked up for several months to protect our little offspring. Baby, just like mum, needs to get some fresh air, to see the world, to enjoy the surrounding nature. Obviously, if the temperatures are extremely low, it is preferable to stay warm with baby under a good blanket. But a short winter outing is the equivalent of a good walking outfit. For a smooth outing, you need a well-protected pram, blanket, hat, coat, socks, shoes, mittens and neck warmer. Once everything is ready, the outing can begin.

Pourquoi une telle préparation ?

The advantages of a baby neck warmerJust like us, babies are sensitive to temperature changes. Babies are even more fragile in terms of health, as their immune system is not yet well established. It is therefore important to take as many precautions as possible so that your newborn baby does not fall ill at the slightest opportunity. In addition, protecting your baby will help protect his fragile skin from the cold. That’s why it’s a good idea to apply a moisturiser in addition to the warm clothes you put on him.

Quels accessoires pour la poussette en hiver ?

Keeping your baby warm in a pushchair is perfectly feasible, even if the cold weather is accompanied by rain. The best way to do this is with the rain cover that is usually supplied with the pushchair. This is the best protection against cold, rain and wind. To this you can add a cosy blanket. Some people recommend a footmuff rather than a blanket. It is a very practical accessory that keeps baby perfectly warm, even when he or she is moving around a lot. A waterproof footmuff is ideal.

Cache-cou ou écharpe ?

The hesitation between the wrap and the neck warmer is quite understandable. Both are warm, but for a baby, the preference is for the neck warmer. This is because, unlike the wrap, there is no risk of strangulation accidents. In terms of material, the neck warmer is available in wool and cotton. For a minimum of irritation, it is preferable to choose a cotton neck warmer.

Un accessoire très utile

A neck warmer is a clothing accessory that keeps the neck and throat warm. But it has a rather interesting advantage. The neck warmer is thick enough to serve as protection against shocks. It is long enough to be folded in half and thus lined to maximise protection against cold and impact. The fact that it is not too tight gives more mobility to the neck of the baby. If you unfold the neck warmer, you can easily cover baby’s ears.

Petite précaution à prendre avec bébé

You’re finally ready to go out with baby. But there is one last check you need to do before going out in the cold. You need to make sure that your baby is sufficiently covered or too covered. The best way to do this is to place your hand on the back of your baby’s neck. If it is cold, it means you need to cover it up more. If your baby is over-covered, you will notice because his neck will be sweaty.


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