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How to choose a reusable baby bottle?

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The main concern of all parents is to give the best to their baby, especially when it comes to feeding. The ease of use and the practicality to take away make the water bottle very attractive. But it is legitimate to wonder about the nutritional quality of the food contained in the bottles sold in supermarkets, and the mass of waste caused by these single-use bottles. You may be interested in the alternative offered by the reusable baby bottle. Here are the advantages of the reusable bottle and our tips for choosing one.

What is a reusable baby bottle?

We are talking about food containers that look like the bottles often used for baby food in supermarkets. Equipped with a mouthpiece and a cap on the top, their particularity is to be reusable thanks to the other end, allowing to fill the gourd.

What are the advantages of the reusable water bottle?

The obvious advantage of the reusable water bottle for baby is its practicality. It is easy to take everywhere and allows you to take your baby’s meal with you without cluttering your shopping bag with small glass jars. Its small size and its spout allow your baby to hold the bottle himself from 6 months and to squeeze it with his hands (always under your supervision to avoid the risks of choking). Your little one takes the bottle like a bottle and gets used to holding things in his hands.

The reusable bottle is also more economical than single-use products that are relatively expensive per unit. At the same time, you reduce the amount of waste and above all you control the nutritional quality of the food contained in the bottle. You can prepare your own meals and compotes for your baby. If the bottle is reusable, the content is not: bacteria can develop, so be sure to throw away what your baby has not eaten.

An advantage that is very much appreciated by parents: the ease of cleaning. Baby bottles are often sold with a brush for quick and easy cleaning. Some brands offer models designed to be dishwasher safe.

Criteria for choosing a baby bottle

How to choose a reusable baby bottle?

The size of the bottle is one of the most important criteria. Choose models adapted to the volume of food your baby eats to avoid having to throw away part of the contents each time. According to your pediatrician’s recommendations, you should start feeding your baby this type of food between 4 and 6 months of age. We recommend that you choose bottles with a capacity of 120 to 160 ml. For parents who like to plan ahead and have meals on hand, there are reusable freezer-safe bottles. You can thus prepare meals in advance and store them easily without risk of degradation of nutritional qualities.

Regarding the quality of the gourd, it is important to check the materials that make it up. We make sure that the plastic bottle does not contain any harmful components such as BPA or phthalates. Another option is the food grade silicone bottle which is very similar to baby bottles.

Depending on the brand and model, the reusable bottle can be equipped with a practical transparent area to check the contents, the freshness of the food or any unmixed pieces. In addition to the cleaning brush, we appreciate the addition of some complementary accessories such as the screw-on spoon, a silicone tip to preserve baby’s teeth, or additional caps.

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