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At what age does baby say mommy and daddy?

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It’s a question that new parents quickly ask themselves. Wondering at what age baby says mommy and daddy also means wondering when he or she will begin to speak their first words. A source of excitement, but also a source of worry, the moment when baby starts to speak is a new stage in his development. It’s important to take advantage of these wonderful moments to help your baby learn.

The average age at which baby can say mommy and daddy

At what age does baby say mommy and daddy?

Parents can be on the lookout for their baby’s first words. This is a way to continue to communicate with them, to understand them and to share stronger moments with them. There is an average age at which babies talk. More specifically, they also tend to say certain words at particular stages of their development.

For example, children begin to say mommy and daddy at 8-10 months of age. Before that, they will normally have passed the babbling stage by 8 weeks, and the first syllables by 7-8 months. They will be able to name certain parts of their body with ease by 15 months. These statistics are a general average, but specific cases exist depending on each baby. If your baby doesn’t fit into these figures, you should know that some babies are more or less advanced than others.

The early talker

Did your baby start saying his or her first words earlier than expected? It may be because your child is precocious for his age. For example, your baby may start to babble at 6 weeks instead of 8 weeks, or he or she may say his or her first syllables at 6 months, and say mommy and daddy at 7 or 8 months.

In this case, you should not hesitate to continue to stimulate him, even if he seems to be ahead of time. In addition to knowing how to say mommy and daddy, your child will begin to pronounce words that are often related to their interests. Some words may be mispronounced, but this is normal. For example, they may say “boi” instead of “drink”. Around 12-24 months, your child will begin to say an impressive number of words. Speech becomes a tool to communicate their needs.

The child who talks later

Unlike a child who is precocious in language, other babies may experience some delay in learning words. In fact, the first babbles and syllables may appear within 10 weeks, while your baby will be able to say mommy and daddy by 10-12 months. If your baby falls within these statistics, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern.

In fact, many children who develop speech later simply don’t feel the need to talk until later. The need in the first two years is for the baby to try to communicate and to understand simple words and instructions.

By the time your baby reaches kindergarten, if he or she is not yet a good talker, school may be a solution for them. Your baby will want to interact with other children. He will thus be more or less pushed to progress in his way of expressing himself.

Accompanying baby in his learning

To help your baby learn the language, here are some tips to help you.

Try to speak slowly when you care for your baby. Whether it’s bath time, meal time, or diaper change. Comment on what you’re doing in proper articulation.

You can also use songs and rhymes while miming the words. This will help him/her remember better. Motivate your child to finish the sentences of the songs he/she has been listening to regularly. If your child mispronounces a word, don’t take it back right away. Respond to his request by rephrasing it correctly.

When you play with your child, let him organize the game. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask simple questions to encourage your child to talk. To enrich his vocabulary as much as possible, think of reading small books adapted to his age.

Finally, be sure to respond to him, to make sure he understands what you’ve just said and to encourage him as soon as possible.

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