Stretch markHow to remove stretch marks during pregnancy?

How to remove stretch marks during pregnancy?

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Stretch marks are red, pink and then white streaks that appear on the skin when it becomes stretched too quickly. This phenomenon, which is common during pregnancy, is linked to hormonal changes and rapid weight gain. The elasticity of the epidermis is put to the test, and stretch marks are a sign of its limit of extension. In pregnant women, these unsightly marks are likely to appear on all parts of the body that will grow until the birth. Breasts, arms, hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs are the main areas affected by stretch marks.

Once stretch marks have turned white, they are very difficult to remove. There is only one solution to limit their appearance: take care of yourself.

Prévenir l’apparition des vergetures de l’extérieur

Stretch marks are skin scars whose appearance can be delayed by adopting a beauty routine from the first weeks of pregnancy. Thus, anti-stretch mark creams and care products to be applied once or twice a day to the growing areas will help to delay the emergence of the first stretch marks and slow down their development.

Stimulating the renewal of skin cells through gentle exfoliation is also an excellent way to fight stretch marks. In addition, regular gentle massaging of the stretch mark area stimulates blood circulation, making it easier to oxygenate the tissue and give it more elasticity. Thus, the marks are less deep and fade more easily.

Bien s’hydrater et bien manger

How to remove stretch marks during pregnancy?Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day is absolutely essential to limit stretch marks. Indeed, good hydration prevents the skin from drying out. A hydrated skin is more supple, more elastic and is therefore less subject to stretching than a thirsty skin. In addition, the mother drinks for her own body, but also for her unborn child, so she must increase her water consumption to meet the needs of her body.

Similarly, while drinking enough fluids is important, eating a healthy diet is also fundamental, as diet has a direct impact on skin quality. Eating fruit and vegetables rich in water and antioxidants will help the body build new skin cells. Oilseeds and fatty acids will help limit and repair skin damage.

Surveiller sa prise de poids

This parameter is of course dependent on the mother-to-be’s diet. As stretch marks appear when weight increases abruptly, this phenomenon should be avoided. Not all women are equal when it comes to this problem, but it is advisable to gain weight gradually and regularly throughout the pregnancy.

It is therefore essential to change your diet throughout pregnancy. Regular exercise also helps to regulate weight gain and distribute it more evenly. In addition, it is important for the mother’s recovery after birth to build muscle rather than fat in the areas that have gained volume.


As with many skin problems, the best remedies are anticipation and prevention. However, when weight gain happens overnight, it’s hard to be reactive. As soon as the first red streaks appear, you need to take care of your body, from the inside out. If the marks persist after childbirth, they can be removed by continuing to apply creams and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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