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Pregnant: how to avoid stretch marks?

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When a woman becomes pregnant, she is about to experience great changes in her life. However, many mothers-to-be experience the appearance of stretch marks on their bellies. Here are a few tips to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and have a more serene pregnancy.

What is a stretch mark and why can they appear during pregnancy?

A stretch mark is a fine, sinuous stripe that forms in some people when the skin is stretched too tight or too much. It can form on almost any part of the body, in both men and women. A significant weight gain over a short period of time, the yoyo phenomenon, pregnancy or even adolescence are factors that can trigger these small scars. The fact that we are not all equal when it comes to stretch marks is explained by the fact that we do not all have the same skin elasticity.

Pregnant: how to avoid stretch marks?

During pregnancy, the belly grows at a rapid pace in a short period of time. That is why it is recommended not to gain more weight than necessary during these nine months. In addition to the fact that the health of the baby depends on it, the woman’s body may not come out unscathed. If the mother-to-be gains weight suddenly, the skin may break and not be able to withstand the sudden and unexpected strain. Even during pregnancy, it is possible to see stretch marks on areas other than the belly.


Good habits for beautiful skin

To keep stretch marks off your body during this important time in a woman’s life, the idea is to be proactive. Even before the plan to get pregnant, lifestyle plays a determining role in the predisposition to these skin problems.

The first thing to think about is staying well hydrated. During pregnancy, you should drink more than when you are not pregnant. A minimum of two liters of water daily. On the physical side, gentle exercise is recommended to help strengthen the elasticity of the skin, not to mention that physical activity is important during pregnancy (unless otherwise advised by a doctor). Finally, in terms of cosmetics, there are many preventive creams and oils on the market. The idea is to apply them as soon as possible on the desired areas, even before getting pregnant, at a rate of twice a day. The massages performed are as important as the components of the products. The mechanical action will allow the active ingredients to penetrate and help nourish the skin in depth.

Are stretch marks during pregnancy inevitable?

Women are not all the same when it comes to stretch marks. While some will see them appear very early in their pregnancy, or suddenly at the very end, some will not have any at all. It is a question of morphology on the one hand, but also of lifestyle. Sportswomen are usually less prone to stretch marks than those who are more sedentary. In addition to these parameters, it is also necessary to take into account the weight gained during the pregnancy, the weight and size of the baby, the case of a twin pregnancy or more, etc.

Don’t worry, if a few stretch marks appear, it is simply a matter of doing what is necessary to fade them. As long as they are red, it is easier to improve their appearance. The goal is to nourish the scar by applying anti-inflammatory essential oils twice a day. You can also opt for rich anti-stretch mark creams, based on shea butter, argan oil or sweet almond oil.

Either way, if you are pregnant, congratulations! The most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself throughout your pregnancy. By putting these few tips into practice, you’ll have every chance of keeping stretch marks at bay!

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