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Can you have period pains and be pregnant?

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When you’re trying to have a baby at all costs, the months can go by and look the same. When will you finally see that plus on the pregnancy test? It is then legitimate to wonder if all your chances are flat when you feel period pains. Well, it’s not! In the same way, during pregnancy, it is possible in certain specific periods to feel some. We decipher for you this phenomenon, which raises many questions among future mothers.

Having the impression that your period is coming and discovering that you are pregnant

Usually quite stressful for a woman, the wait to get pregnant can seem very long, especially when you scrutinize every symptom you feel, every month. Among these inconveniences that can occur at the end of the cycle, there is the famous period pain, which often announces the imminent arrival of the period. Many women give up on the idea that they might be pregnant at this point.

However, this belief is wrong. Menstrual pain can be one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. In fact, when implantation takes place and from that moment on, it is possible to feel discomfort in the lower abdomen or lower back. This is actually the uterus moving into place and preparing to make space for the implantation of the fertilized egg on the uterine wall. The ligaments stretch so that the baby can make its little nest. This unpleasant sensation is called ligament pain. Although it is similar to menstrual pain, some women feel a noticeable difference between the two symptoms. However, it is necessary to pay attention to her feelings each month, to notice the difference in sensation experienced.

Menstrual pain during pregnancy

Can you have period pains and be pregnant?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! If you are and you’re experiencing stomach aches or back pain, you may be in a panic. Take a breath! In most cases, it is customary not to worry when such symptoms occur during a pregnancy. It’s true that it can be stressful, but you may experience period pains throughout your pregnancy for the same reasons you did not know you were pregnant. As you get closer to full term, they may become more redundant.

During these nine months of a woman’s life, many upheavals are juxtaposed and can destabilize you, both physically and psychologically. So, to reassure you on one point, you may feel ligament pain during your pregnancy and until the end. Of course, they don’t have to hurt, but they can be very annoying. As your uterus expands to keep up with your growing baby, your ligaments have to keep up and relax as well. This translates into discomfort in the belly or back, which many women feel, while for others they will go unnoticed!

At the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult your midwife

Even if menstrual pain is usual at the very beginning and during pregnancy, it is obvious that if you notice pain that seems abnormal, you should immediately consult your midwife. If you are bleeding at the same time, it is more reassuring to go directly to the emergency room. For abnormally strong pains, or if you are simply not reassured by the discomfort you are experiencing, a visit to your midwife or gynecologist who is following you will reassure you. The most important thing is to respect your intuitions and trust yourself, to take the best care of your offspring.

You will have understood that period pains are frequent during these nine months of waiting, but if you need to be reassured, make an appointment with your doctor and discuss it with him!

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