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How to sleep while pregnant with sciatica?

How to sleep while pregnant with sciatica
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Among the various discomforts of pregnancy, one is particularly painful: sciatica. The characteristic burning sensation can be very intense, even at night. It is sometimes difficult to relieve this pain, especially without painkillers. Here we give you tips on how to prepare for bedtime and how to get relief throughout the day as naturally as possible.

Comment identifier une sciatique ?

Sciatica is easy to identify because the pain follows a clear path. It starts in the lower back and sometimes runs down to the foot. It runs through the buttock and then down the back of the thigh and calf. You may feel a burning sensation along this nerve during an attack. Sometimes there is a tingling sensation in the foot.

We have 2 sciatic nerves, one running along the buttock and right leg, and the second along the buttock and left leg.

Sciatica can last between 3 and 6 months, but can be relieved by osteopathic treatment.

Quelle position adopter pour dormir avec une sciatique ?

The principle is to relieve the pressure on the painful nerve. To do this, the painful leg must be put in flexion (the leg is bent), in abduction (it is spread outwards) and in rotation. The same position is used when lying down.

Example: Your right leg is in pain. You lie on your left side, bring your bent right leg towards you, as if you were in the lateral safety position (LSL). To achieve the abduction position, you rest your painful leg on several pillows. You can use your pregnancy pillow and one or two pillows. You can put your neck on the back, or on the front, with your chin close to your chest. This position of the head also has an effect on the relief of the painful leg.

Comment soulager une sciatique pendant la grossesse ?

How to sleep while pregnant with sciatica?There are various exercises that can be done even when you are pregnant that can relieve the pain of sciatica during your pregnancy.

Se faire masser

Kneel in front of a pregnancy ball, wrap both arms around it and ask your partner to massage your back from the neck down.

You can also practice self-massage with a ball. Stand with your back to the wall and the ball between the wall and your back. Rotate the ball around and reach for the lower back. These movements provide a lumbar massage that will give you relief.

Soigner sa posture à tout moment

The changes your body undergoes during the 9 months of pregnancy often cause you to assume the wrong position. Your centre of gravity is no longer the same, and as the months go by, you become more and more hunched over.

Remember not to cross your legs while sitting and put a cushion on your back. Similarly, sleep with your knees slightly elevated by a cushion. These simple gestures will relieve your back, which is already under a lot of strain from the weight of your belly.

Pratiquer des exercices sur le dos

Lying on your back with your feet flat on the floor, bring one bent leg towards you while blowing. Put it back down and do the same with the other leg. Do the exercise several times, then bring both legs back at the same time, to roll up your spine. Remember to breathe well. You can do this exercise in your bed before taking the position seen above to fall asleep.

You can complement these sessions with prenatal yoga classes that will help you to gently loosen up.

Marcher doucement, mais régulièrement

It is not always known, but walking relieves sciatica. If you can walk a little during the day, or even at the end of the day to prepare for bed, you can reduce the pain before going to sleep.

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