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Which oil against stretch marks during pregnancy?

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Stretch marks are a very common problem when you are expecting a child. However, there are solutions to reduce this unsightly and embarrassing skin phenomenon. Thus, you can use oils that offer good results, provided, of course, that you choose them carefully.

Stretch marks, a natural phenomenon

When we are pregnant, our body undergoes incredible transformations. We gain weight, our belly swells, hormones are crazy and the skin is under great tension. Naturally, it is elastic, but it is not without limits! The most abused areas will then be covered with dark red welts. Over the months, they lighten to become whitish. Once in place, they are particularly difficult to remove.

This distension of the skin is due to an influx of cortisol (a hormone that plays an important role in the structure of the skin) associated with skin stretching. The skin loses its elasticity and presents those little fine lines that we hate!

Adapted care

Which oil against stretch marks during pregnancy?

For many years now, there have been different solutions on the market to reduce this phenomenon. The two most commonly used are anti-stretch mark creams and oils. Anti-stretch mark oils have recently appeared and have become very popular. Unlike creams, they do not contain water and can therefore penetrate the surface of the skin more easily.

There are two types of oil, those containing kerosene (mineral oil) and vegetable oils. Kerosene is a product derived from petroleum and is therefore chemical. Used regularly next to the baby (the fetus is under your skin!), it can create problems for you and the baby (diarrhea, problem of assimilation of vitamins…). Vegetable oils are healthier.

Essential oils, on the other hand, should not be applied. They are, in fact, strongly discouraged during pregnancy and should not be used pure under penalty of burning the skin.

Choosing the right anti-stretch mark vegetable oil

If you have already looked at these products, you will have noticed that the choice is important. But to be sure that the product is going to help the skin to pass this difficult stage that is the pregnancy, it is necessary to make a choice of quality.

First of all, opt for oils made of a minimum of ingredients. The anti-stretch mark oil is usually composed of several oils.

Three or four are enough to make an effective product. A pure oil is an excellent choice. For example, you can choose a rosehip vegetable oil that has proven to be effective against stretch marks and scars. Plus, it smells great! It can be used before the appearance of stretch marks, but also afterwards to attenuate them. Calophyll and argan oil can also be used alone. The first one softens the skin and has a powerful healing effect. The argan nourishes in depth, softens and regenerates the cutaneous surface. It is used as well in prevention as in treatment. You can also succumb to the benefits of sweet almond, avocado or shea butter oils. These oils nourish the skin well and can be used before the first stretch marks appear.

Consulting the list of ingredients will give you valuable information. The first component listed is the one present in the greatest quantity. Make sure it is an oil recommended for treating stretch marks.

Also, choose pure, virgin and organic oils. This eliminates the risk of unhealthy products being present.

To be effective, the oil must be applied twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. And to avoid wasting time, it is better to select an oil that does not leave a greasy film. One will not have thus to wait for long minutes to get dressed. A texture which penetrates quickly and which does not stick is then an excellent choice.

You now know what to look for in order to choose your anti-stretch mark oil. All you have to do is apply it daily by massaging it into the affected areas.

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