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When to stop sport during pregnancy?

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Whether you’re athletic or just want to stay in shape during your pregnancy, you exercise daily. But you’re not sure if it’s a good idea to continue, and when to stop. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you.

Playing sports while pregnant is possible!

Recently, the French basketball player Valerian Ayayi Vukosavljević revealed that she participated in the Tokyo Olympics 3 months pregnant. You will have understood, it is therefore quite possible to practice a sporting activity during pregnancy.

 If you were a sportswoman before becoming pregnant, you can continue to practice your sport, as long as you are medically monitored and do not take unnecessary risks. On the other hand, if you did not practice sports, it is strongly advised not to start practicing sports intensively during your pregnancy. Use your best judgment!

The benefits of sport during pregnancy

When to stop sport during pregnancy?

Even if weight gain is normal during pregnancy, practicing sports will help you limit it and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, you will be able to regain your figure more easily after giving birth.

In addition, sport will promote good blood circulation and quality sleep. You may even notice a decrease in your back pain.

And don’t forget, sport is good for your morale!

Which sport to practice?

It is important to note that some sports are strongly discouraged during pregnancy. Fighting sports, skiing, horseback riding and extreme sports should be avoided for obvious reasons such as the risk of blows and falls.

It is possible to practice jogging as well as team sports (soccer, basketball…) at the beginning of pregnancy. On the other hand, after the first trimester, the repeated shocks and the risks of traumas being important, it is strongly advised to turn to more gentle practices.

Indeed, swimming, walking and gentle exercise can be practiced throughout the pregnancy. It is also possible to go cycling, provided that you choose an exercise bike. As for yoga, it is possible if you choose prenatal yoga classes, adapted to your condition.

Precautions to take

Before anything else, it is important to consult your gynecologist or your midwife so that they give you the green light to practice a sport. Indeed, risks of miscarriage and other complications must be ruled out.

And be careful not to overwork your abdominal muscles! As your abdominal muscles move apart during pregnancy to make room for your uterus, too much strain could lead to a diastasis of the rectus abdominis after delivery (the gap between the left and right sides of your abs). Furthermore, the bigger your baby gets, the more weight your perineum will have to support. You should therefore take care of it and ask your midwife for advice before doing any weight training exercises.

Finally, the best advice we can give you is to listen to your body. If you are tired, if you don’t feel like it or if your body is telling you to stop, rest! Pregnancy is not a pathology, but it is still a special condition, so take it easy.

As you will have understood, it is not necessary to stop exercising during pregnancy. On the other hand, it is important to ask your doctor’s advice. Gentle sports are obviously to be preferred, while violent sports are to be avoided. So, play sports, but listen to yourself. You will certainly not win a marathon at the end of your pregnancy, but you will bring a child into the world, and that is surely the most beautiful medal.

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