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How to manage the first months with twins?

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The arrival of a baby is always an exciting and anxious moment. These emotions are multiplied tenfold when it comes to twins. Even if everything seems, at first, more complicated with two newborns, the reality is different. Of course, the number of infants to care for has a major impact on fatigue and time management. Nevertheless, parents of twins can get by with a golden organization. Indeed, good logistics and anticipation allow you to keep your head above water and to be proud of your little family.

Anticipating the arrival of twins

How to manage the first months with twins?

Some parents think they will have time to buy their baby’s things once they are born. When it comes to twins, it’s crucial to be prepared and have everything you need on hand before the day of delivery. In fact, twins tend to arrive early, foreshadowing the perpetual hiccup that parents will be in if they put off preparing their nest.

Everything must be purchased and set up for the big day. The stroller, the childcare equipment, the diapers, the clothes, the bottles and, of course, everything in duplicate, for two babies.

Getting help without depriving yourself

Taking care of a single newborn, even when both parents are 100% available, is very difficult in the months following birth. With two babies who each have their own rhythm, it is even more complicated to manage everything at home. Also, one should not refuse any outside help. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends are usually very eager to visit the new parents and are even more delighted when it comes to finding similarities between twins. Take advantage of this opportunity to delegate household chores such as daily errands, cooking, washing dishes, tidying up or cleaning. This will allow you to devote yourself to your children without being overwhelmed by the housework.

Rest without complaining

Giving birth to a baby and recovering from childbirth takes time. This is doubly true when there are two infants. Sleep spans are often less than an hour during the first few months, especially if the twins are having a staggered feeding. Also, the mother is very tired and needs to take care of herself. It’s hard to find that time, but a rested mom will have more patience and take better care of her newborns than if she’s irritated because of exhaustion.

All tricks are good: preparing bottles in advance to let dad feed the babies, breastfeeding both infants at the same time to limit the breastfeeding sessions can help to grab a few hours of sleep and rest.

It is impossible to measure how much fatigue parents will experience with the arrival of twins and how many times the babies will want to eat per day. However, although there are unknowns, it is still possible to prepare properly for the first months of infancy to avoid obvious setbacks.

In addition, there are many associations of parents of twins that advise and accompany future parents in this new life. These groups organize meetings to answer questions and anxieties. They can also lend material and equipment designed for twins, in addition to an attentive and experienced ear. Being well-prepared and well surrounded is thus essential to manage the first months with twins.

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