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What to give to twin babies?

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It is a tradition, but above all a pleasure to give a gift for the birth of a baby. So when there are two of them, it’s a double ration of happiness! This also means that you’ll have to redouble your imagination to find not one, but two gifts. How do you choose them? Do they have to be identical? Original or traditional gifts? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

The sacrosanct birth gifts

It’s time to honor tradition. The little bracelet or the medallion with the first name and date of birth for each baby, Sophie the Giraffe or the little rag doll, everything is allowed! Some people may find that they have gone out of fashion, but they are still a must-have for birth. The same goes for bodysuits, pajamas, bibs and generally speaking, all the clothes you offer for a birth. Far from being old-fashioned gifts, we still advise you to ask the parents beforehand about their needs in this area. Indeed, the clothes of birth are generally already checked on the list of maternity. Of course, if you find something really original, that doesn’t prevent you from slipping it in among the other gifts! You might even be blessed by the parents on a day when they haven’t had time to do a machine and their little angels have soiled the tenth bib of the day!

Personalized attention

What to give to twin babies?

Still in vogue today and even more so, personalized gifts are popular because they are unique! Imagine a rock star dinner, with two high chairs each bearing a baby’s name. Then go to the dressing room to get dressed. And to complete the outfit, what could be cuter than a small pair of personalized slippers, or a hat with the initials. You can also opt for a “couple” of stuffed animals like Tic and Tac, or Daisy and Donald if you had the choice of the king at birth! You can also imagine simple stuffed animals, to which you will hang for example a bandana on which would be written the first name, the initials or why not, the little nickname of the babies. If you are a creative spirit, it’s time to share your gift. Exclusive piece guaranteed! Note that personalized gifts are generally things that are given a higher emotional value and that we tend to keep longer.

The mishmash of gift ideas

In addition to the standard classics and the must-have customizable gifts, there are a number of things you can give to twins. Have you thought about backpacks (adapted to their age of course), personalized or not, to put the little necessities of each baby, for example the comforter and a bottle or a pacifier, etc.? This can also be a way for parents to keep each other’s things separate, as it is not always easy to keep track of twins! There are also two-arched play mats, so that your twins can learn to develop their senses individually, while staying together.

Of course, a baby gift can also have a longer-term use. As we said above, parents usually anticipate the most essential needs to be ready for babies. Therefore, buying slightly larger clothes to anticipate the next season can be a good option. In the same vein, evolving toys are a very good compromise, to accompany babies during the first months or years of their life. Finally, if you want to please the whole family at the same time, why not offer a photo shoot to the whole tribe, to immortalize these unforgettable moments?

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