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How can I prepare myself psychologically for a C-section?

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Childbirth is an unforgettable stage in the life of parents. It is a crucial moment when the baby is born, and precautions must be taken to ensure that this moment takes place in the best possible conditions. In the case of a scheduled cesarean section, the mother will be advised to prepare herself psychologically for this intervention. To do this, here are some recommendations that may help you.

Know what to expect

One of the first reflexes to have in this moment of anxiety is to inform yourself about the conditions in which the cesarean section will take place.

Being aware of what is expected to happen during the procedure will ensure that you are not surprised by the medical procedures that are to be performed.

Ask the anesthesiologist any questions you have. He or she will be able to explain the conditions of the operation and reassure you.

To prepare yourself even better, there are childbirth preparation courses. This follow-up can be particularly interesting, since it also involves the father. Parenthood is discussed in order to prepare the future parents as well as possible.

Have a clear vision of your birth project

Preparing psychologically for a cesarean section means reassuring yourself about the reasons why you are having it. Having a C-section can have many benefits, including safety for both baby and mother.

However, there are repercussions and risks. The important thing is to have some perspective on the situation, and to find your motivation in carrying out your birth plan. Having a clear vision of the arrangements you would like to make for your birth should be able to take away most of your worries. Here are some tips for building your birth plan.

Discuss with the medical team what is important to you during your birth. Preferably, write a document in which you detail the accommodations you would like to have. Often, this document is written jointly with the father-to-be. Together you can define your expectations for the birth. This information can concern different moments: the intervention (presence of the father), the preparation (installation of the urinary probe), immediate aftermath (skin to skin). More than a wish list, the birth plan is an opportunity to discuss with the medical team what is important to you, according to your expectations.

Prepare the equipment in advance

How can I prepare myself psychologically for a C-section?

Being psychologically serene also means planning and anticipating discomforts in advance. You will need a variety of equipment during your stay in the maternity ward. Since the latter generally lasts a little less than a week, you will have to think in advance about what you will need for your care.

In terms of clothing, certain recommendations could help you to suffer as little as possible after the operation. For example, easy-to-put-on slippers will help you avoid bending down and feeling more pain. You should also choose high, disposable panties, so that they do not insist on your scar. Wide nightgowns will allow you to avoid lifting your arms, which can be rather unpleasant during the first days of the operation.

For your care, do not forget the deodorant and cleansing wipes. They will be useful for the first few days before you can clean yourself under normal conditions.

A nursing pillow will allow you and your baby to be comfortable during this time.

Pay attention to your body care

Preparing your body before the procedure will help you to maintain your psychological balance and avoid potential suffering. You will leave with fewer worries.

In terms of body hygiene, think about shaving the pubic hair area. Some moms practice full body hair removal, which will tend to leave the skin less irritated normally.

Some tips to prepare yourself mentally

If you follow all these guidelines, you should be largely prepared psychologically for such an event. However, there are still a few tips to help you mentally.

Talking to your dad or anyone you trust, friends, medical staff, etc. helps. This can help ease your anxiety. You can also communicate with the baby by explaining the procedure and putting your feelings into words. You can also take the time to read about positive experiences with cesarean sections. Finally, you can turn to “tailor-made” preparation sessions. Remember to do what makes you feel the most comfortable.

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