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Which organic disposable diapers to choose ?

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The diapers will accompany your young child for several years, day and night. They are designed to avoid the slightest leakage and allow baby to move freely. Disposable diapers are very practical: they don’t need to be cleaned and are easy to transport. Organic disposable diapers are an alternative to conventional disposable diapers. They take into account the sanitary and ecological challenges of our time. Parents need some information to know which disposable diapers to choose. First of all, we need to know the composition of an organic disposable diaper? What are its advantages? And how can we recognize an organic disposable diaper that respects our baby? Moreover, are organic diapers biodegradable ?

What is the composition of an organic disposable diaper ?

Organic disposable diapers inform consumers of the absence of certain products in their composition. Environmentally friendly, organic or ecological disposable diapers are free of harmful products. Are these organic diapers really so? The raw materials are as natural and biodegradable as possible. So these diapers are environmentally friendly and perfectly healthy.

They have 3 parts. An ultra-soft inner layer, directly in contact with baby’s bottom, is made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose. An absorbent core is made of highly absorbent wood fibers that transform urine into a gel. A waterproof outer cover is usually made of natural and renewable raw materials, such as corn, wood or cotton.

What are the advantages of an organic disposable diaper?

The advantages of an organic disposable diaper can be grouped into two areas: health and ecology. They are due to the composition of these more natural diapers. The diapers are made from renewable materials. Their manufacture and packaging are biodegradable as much as possible. The ingredients that go into the composition of organic diapers are strictly controlled. Moreover, they do not contain any perfume or plant extracts, preservatives or latex. They are also not bleached with chlorine.

However, even organic diapers are not totally safe. Indeed, the Sodium Polyacrylate, SAP, is present at least in them. The absorbency of this chemical substance is difficult to match.

How to recognize an organic disposable diaper that respects baby

Which organic disposable diapers to choose ?

Healthier for baby, not all organic disposable diapers are created equal. Thanks to certification, labels and product labelling, safety is easily identifiable. For example, the OEKO-TEK label is a guarantee of diapers that are environmentally friendly and healthy for babies. The TCF certification certifies that the diapers are not bleached with chlorine and do not contain any chlorine compounds. As for the Dermatest label, it provides a real guarantee of effectiveness and hypoallergenicity. Moreover, before being put on the market, organic disposable diapers undergo dermatological tests. This ensures that the products are hypoallergenic and safe for baby’s health and well-being. Truly safe brands allow consumers to access reports from an independent laboratory. Consumers are assured that no harmful substances are used in the composition of the diapers.

Are the diapers biodegradable?

No disposable diaper, even organic, is 100% biodegradable. Organic disposable diapers are more biodegradable than traditional disposable diapers. However, they are not totally biodegradable. Indeed, the bindings, the elastics and the absorbent part do not break down. Bio diapers can’t be put in the compost. All diapers, even the so-called biodegradable ones, are thrown away in the household waste. Innovations are still needed to make a totally biodegradable disposable diaper.

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