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How do you know if you’re ready to be a dad?

Comment savoir si on est prêt à être papa ?
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The question of whether you are ready to have a child is as much a question for the woman as for the man. And it is totally normal. Giving birth is, indeed, a unique moment that will totally change your life for many years. But thinking about it and knowing that you are ready are not the same thing. So what makes you know you’re ready to become a father? Here are some answers.

Do you like to talk about baby?

Does your partner talk about having a child with you? And you like that? You share with her about the future little one, think about the future with him and you project yourself very easily in this adventurous future without hesitation. This is a first indication that you are totally open to the possibility of having a baby. You spend more time looking at the children, you ask yourself questions about what you would do in the place of parents? You want to have fun with your friends’ kids and love to go with them to their soccer game or to the amusement park. Again, these are signs.

You have a new passion: talking about parenting and what they need on a daily basis can also be a sign. Because having a child is one thing and taking care of it day to day is another, a man who is ready to become a father will leave no stone unturned. He will learn about the baby (and may also seek information about the pregnancy to better understand the changes it imposes on his partner), he will also try to better understand the daily life of the new father and the beginnings of the “cohabitation”. You must not neglect anything to know what it is like to be a father.

Be ready to change your habits and behavior

Comment savoir si on est prêt à être papa ?

It’s no secret that having a child upsets the habits of the mother, but obviously also the father. It is therefore important to know if you can handle it. Are you ready to postpone a meeting (or even cancel it) with your friends to take care of baby or his mother? Baby will force you to get up several times a night, even if you love your bed and leaving it is always a heartbreak. Are you ready for that?

To know if you are a serious daddy-to-be, you need to know if you are ready to challenge yourself with a smile and pleasure. And that in the long run! Because it is not enough to do something different than what you had planned once. It will happen again and again!

Having a baby means making many sacrifices. And again not just during the first six months! You will have to earn more money, spend less time with your friends, forget your hobbies… Don’t neglect all this. Because if you don’t want to take a back seat to your family, it won’t work. You really don’t have a problem with this? Very well, one more box filled, you seem ready to become a dad.

You’ll have to learn to share with the mom, but also the little one. If you don’t want to open your mind to others, you don’t seem ready to have a child.

Well, having a child also means getting your hands dirty, because the mother should not be alone with the baby. You will also have to feed the little guy or girl, change him/her, take him/her out, take him/her to the doctor… In short, take into account that a baby is particularly time-consuming and that you will no longer have time for yourself. Having a baby will force you to rethink your days. You will have to take care of the little one, but also participate in the daily activities (shopping, laundry, meals, taking care of the administration…). Are you ready for this?

Last but not least, knowing how to show your emotions is also important for a new dad. You have to show your child that you love him, but also to his mother. The little one will grow up better in an atmosphere full of love.

So, if you meet all these criteria, you’re all set!

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