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Will the scar from my C-section be visible?

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While the surgery itself is a cause for concern, a C-section also has consequences for a woman’s body afterwards. Among these, the scar left by the C-section delivery is a real concern. So, does a C-section scar remain visible? Here we explain the main stages of healing, as well as the good gestures to adopt afterwards for a beautiful scar.

What does a C-section entail?

Whether it is scheduled or performed in an emergency, a C-section is always a stressful and sometimes complicated ordeal. The stakes of the operation are first and foremost vital, for the mother and/or for the unborn child. Although frequently performed (about 1 in 5 deliveries), a cesarean section remains a frightening experience for many mothers-to-be. Especially since it is not harmless for the woman’s body!

The main disadvantages of a cesarean section occur immediately after the surgery. There is a rest period to be observed, especially the first 24 hours during which the young mother must remain in bed. This bed rest means, for example, the use of a urinary catheter, but also the risk of phlebitis.

As with any anesthesia (whether general or local), the cesarean section can cause side effects. Therefore, the mother will be particularly supervised and her hospitalization will be longer. Also, pain after the operation, for any movement (walking, bending, standing up…), will require treatment for several days. Finally, the C-section incision will need to be cleaned and cared for by the medical staff, before the mother takes over at home.

These inconveniences are very temporary. But like any incision, a C-section leaves a scar: an aesthetic mark that remains for a long time.

How does a cesarean scar evolve?

Will the scar from my C-section be visible?

Caesarean delivery consists of an incision of about ten centimeters, just above the pubic bone. Even if it is sometimes done vertically, the incision is made horizontally in the vast majority of cases. The sutures of this wound, which of course will also determine the quality of the scar, are made with threads or staples.

Once the C-section incision has been properly cared for and hygienically maintained, the wound closes and begins to heal. This healing occurs thanks to cell regeneration, which will allow the dermis and epidermis to both close the wound and reform a skin as smooth as possible. Hygiene care is essential so that the wound does not become infected, hence the need for increased vigilance during the mother’s hospitalization.

Once healthy and well closed, the scar of a cesarean section will evolve over time. From a red color at the beginning, it will gradually adopt purple and pink tones. The healing process may take time, but this mark will lighten more and more, and may even become white. Therefore, a C-section scar remains visible when it is recent, but becomes very little visible with time, until it is no longer visible at all!

What care should be taken with this scar?

As with any scar, regular care and attention is all that is needed. This will accelerate the healing process, while improving the appearance of the reconstructed skin and the surrounding area.

It goes without saying that a scar is only taken care of when it is closed and healthy! Therefore, it is better to wait a few days and the agreement of your health professional (midwife, doctor or gynecologist) before applying anything. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that scars should not be exposed to UV rays for the rest of their lives.

To improve the aesthetics of the scar, as for the skin in general, 2 key words are to remember: hydration and nutrition. Natural care products are still the most effective and safe. You can use aloe vera gel, which is very moisturizing and healing, but also vegetable oils (argan, avocado, coconut, grape seed…). Don’t hesitate to gently massage this area to make your care penetrate while stimulating the blood circulation. Be careful not to use essential oils if you are breastfeeding.

Finally, the external appearance of your skin also depends on the inside, so be sure to moisturize throughout the day, as well as eat well. Take care of yourself!

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