BreastfeedingWhat are the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding?

What are the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding?

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Exclusive breastfeeding has many advantages for the child when it is maintained during the first 2 years of life. Combined with balanced food diversification from the age of 6 months, you can guarantee your child better health. And many other virtues! Discover the 5 advantages of exclusive breastfeeding so that you can adopt it with complete peace of mind!

Strengthening the immune system

Exclusive breastfeeding is a method of feeding a newborn baby only natural breast milk, without any other type of food. With the exception of any vitamins or medicines prescribed by the doctor. However, from the age of 6 months onwards, it is perfectly possible to start mixing breastfeeding with the recommended diversification of food.

The greatest advantage of breast milk is its high antibody content. These are proteins that are naturally produced by lymphocytes to defend the organs against pathogens. Thus, through exclusive breastfeeding, your baby’s immune system is strengthened.

Your child is then protected against the most common childhood diseases such as diarrhoea or pneumonia. At the same time, his body fights off many viruses and bacteria. In short, your child is healthier!

Reduced risk of obesity in children

Quels sont les avantages de l'allaitement maternel exclusif ?

Apart from the influence of genetics and the environment, one of the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding is the reduced risk of obesity in children. This is in comparison to children who have been fed with industrial milk. However, this data should be taken with caution, as obesity may have several risk factors.

However, the high protein content of breast milk allows the child’s body to better balance its fat mass. This results, much later in his development, in better physical resistance and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In order to maintain this dynamic, it is advisable to continue breastfeeding with a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise throughout your child’s growth.

Increased resistance to allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are caused by an unusual and exaggerated immune response of the body to an allergen. For example, when an allergenic agent enters the body, the release of large amounts of histamine causes an inflammatory reaction.

Exclusive breastfeeding therefore contributes greatly to the education of your baby’s immune system in learning to resist allergens in the environment. Indeed, the antibodies that breast milk transmits to the baby promote the tolerance of his immune system.

By maintaining exclusive breastfeeding until at least 24 months of age, you also reduce the risk of asthma and respiratory failure.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

High blood pressure increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Exclusive and prolonged breastfeeding allows the baby to regulate its heart rate and blood pressure. This is due to all the moments of gentleness, calmness and closeness with the mother.

So, by practising exclusive breastfeeding, you are not only contributing to your child’s future good health, but you are also protecting his little heart! So, take advantage of these magical moments to keep your baby as close to you as possible, at least for the first 2 years of his life.

Improving the child’s cognitive system

The cognitive system includes all the mechanisms of learning, perception and reasoning. Taking care of the cognitive system allows the child to concentrate better, acquire knowledge better and develop social intelligence better.

Of course, throughout your child’s growth, you will participate in his education. On the other hand, on a physiological level, exclusive breastfeeding prepares your baby to have an efficient cognitive system. Thus, thanks to the richness of breast milk in proteins and omega 3, your child’s brain develops in optimal conditions.

The key points to remember: exclusive breastfeeding is a simple method of feeding and yet it has many virtues for your child! In addition, this age-old practice allows you to spend more intimate time with your baby and to enjoy the first few years of life, without moderation!


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