EntertainmentTomorrow, the film that proposes solutions without making the viewer feel guilty!

Tomorrow, the film that proposes solutions without making the viewer feel guilty!

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See the superb documentary film by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent: Demain

This film is based on the observation that our civilisation is undergoing very rapid and unprecedented changes. This postulate according to which if nothing is done we will run to our own destruction could be the forerunner of an accusing and depressing film, but it is not!

Moving and funny, these thirty-something “beatles” (see their approach in the film) travel the planet in search of solutions that work in the fields of the environment, the economy, food, politics and education.

Real solutions in different areas that work in the four corners of the world.

The part on education was very inspiring for me: to see your children evolve in their learning, to hear the passionate testimony of this teacher who explains to us that the change took 20 years, of this director who advocates a school without punishment or reward!

Phew, it exists!

Thank you, this film is very good.


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