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How to reassure a young mother?

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Becoming a mother generates many questions. After the joy you felt when you received the confirmation of your condition, there are still many months during which you will ask yourself questions. Most of these questions are practical and easy to answer. However, some of them may be more profound, even philosophical, and you will need to find other sources of reassurance. How can you reassure yourself to become a happy young mother? Let’s see how to do it.

Get informed to avoid mistakes

This is obviously the most common source of anxiety. Will I be up to the task? When your baby is finally in your arms, his presence is obviously a real joy. However, his first cries, the difficulties in falling asleep as well as all the logistics that must be implemented to make him feel perfectly at home can seem insurmountable. You’ve already prepared all the spaces for changing him, for putting him to bed. You’ve taken preparation classes to organize your new life with baby. You have mastered everything concerning his needs in terms of feeding, frequency of meals, diapers to use. You have learned how to hold him correctly and give him first aid. You are already a great mom.

To breastfeed with peace of mind

How to reassure a young mother?

If you’ve decided to breastfeed, you already know how to plan for these moments, to spot when your baby needs to suckle. All of these things help to create a very intimate relationship with your baby. You also have a breastfeeding pillow and have taken every precaution to ensure that your areolas can withstand repeated sucking. You have the cleaning products you need to maintain perfect hygiene. You will slow down your pace and listen to your baby. This will bring you a lot of serenity and allow you to continue this privileged state of pregnancy.

Find yourself to better advance

First and foremost, in order to calm down and take care of yourself, you will have to accept the fact that you have become a mother. Your body has changed and you will have to make it your own to feel desirable again. In the meantime, your partner is by your side to support you. While he or she is putting your baby to sleep, you can take some time to take a bath or practice a meditation session or some post-natal yoga. You can simply pick up a book and give yourself a well-deserved break. These moments of relaxation are the valves that will give you a breath of fresh air, so don’t neglect them!

Project yourself and be positive

To fully reassure yourself, you must also bring lightness to your daily life. Little by little you will find your size and be able to get back into your favorite clothes. If this takes several months, don’t worry, there will always be time to practice physical activity and follow an appropriate diet that will allow you to eliminate the few extra pounds. Try to get in touch with other young mothers. With several of you, you can exchange practices, compare them, and even modify some of them according to your experiences. You’ll also be able to share more intimately, which is always calming. Since you share the same daily routine, you can also share certain tasks, such as making porridge together. As for entrusting your baby, it can also reassure you to know people in whom you have total confidence. Sharing is surely a very effective method to avoid the stressful moments that solitude can create. Finally, don’t forget your parents. They are also there for you. Not only do they come to reassure you about your baby, to remind you how cute he is, but they can help lighten your load on a daily basis. Above all, remember that you are surrounded and that the future with your child will be bright, so smile!

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