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How do you know if your baby will have a lot of hair?

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Even if all the babies are cute, we especially like the one who will have hair. If their hair is also curly, it is really exceptional and we all remain in ecstasy in front of the little hairy piece of cabbage. Is being born with hair a sign of good hair strength? Can we predict if our baby will be born with a beautiful head of hair or not? Let’s look for lice in baby’s head.

Hereditary signs

Some parents, most often fathers, are anxious about their own alopecia. They think that not having hair at birth is a warning sign. Let them be mistaken and reassure themselves. Although alopecia affects 95% of men, it occurs late in life. The fact that your baby is born without hair is not a sign of future baldness. It is important to remember that hair grows during pregnancy. Some babies develop more hair mass than others during this intrauterine period. In the end, baby can be born with a lot of hair or not a hair on the stone on the contrary. Finally, after birth, the follicles enter the resting phase, which results in hair loss that is sometimes significant. Birth hair, as we tend to call it, will gradually disappear, making way for a denser head of hair.

Full term or premature?

How do you know if your baby will have a lot of hair?

Does this criterion come into play? It seems that premature babies of one or two weeks are born with a nice haircut. This hair is usually quite full and even extends over the forehead and cheeks. As with all babies, as the follicles stop working more intensely, baby will eventually lose that mass that makes him look like a hippie. However, some babies will keep their first hair for quite a long time while a new implantation develops. As far as hair mass is concerned, it seems that children inherit their parents’ hair in terms of density. Parents with thin hair will probably not give birth to a baby with thick hair and vice versa. However, it is important to remember that heredity in this area can also skip generations.

The hair color in question

It seems that children with very light, almost white hair are born with less hair than brunettes. Their hair is thinner and sometimes almost translucent, whereas dark-skinned children tend to have more hair. This is not to suggest that brown people are less prone to baldness. What is certain is that babies with fairly strong, fast-growing nails produce a lot of keratin, the protein that is 95% of hair.

What about hair loss?

For babies, expect hair loss in the first few months. If he still has no hair after 6 months and has a lot of cradle cap, it is advisable to gently massage the scalp. This will clean it and stimulate hair growth. Little by little, his hair will grow and it will even be necessary to consider cutting it. Some people are against it, because they think that it will change the nature of the hair. We can sometimes see that a baby who had curly hair as a child will lose it after cutting it. Finally, let’s remember that hair loss can have many causes. Between a bad diet, stress, hair products that do not correspond to the nature of the scalp … We must avoid using aggressive shampoos and instead use oils that will nourish the scalp.

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