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Can pressing on the stomach hurt the baby?

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Carrying a baby is both a pleasure and a permanent stress. From the first months of pregnancy, the mother-to-be takes care to avoid rough activities and takes care of her lifestyle. But what about the safety of the baby if we press on the belly? Zoom in on a few indications that will give you an overview of what is harmless, and what can cause injury to the baby to be.

The dilemma of sleeping on your stomach when you are pregnant

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you should know that you can maintain this position in bed until a good 2 months of pregnancy. But after that, things get more complicated, and it will be increasingly difficult to maintain this position without experiencing discomfort.

You should know that there is no risk of crushing or suffocating the fetus since the amniotic fluid forms a natural protection for the baby. Be aware that if you continue to sleep on your stomach well after the 2nd month of pregnancy and the baby is uncomfortable with this position, he will let you know by kicking or moving, which will alert you immediately. After 3 months, the volume of the belly will encourage you to find another position. Sleeping on your side can avoid these inconveniences while finding a relaxing position to recover after a long day. Pregnancy means hormonal changes that can put the mother’s nerves to the test.

Best practices to avoid hurting the baby

If you’re pregnant for the first time and have many questions about the safety of the baby in your belly, know that the amniotic fluid is a strong barrier not only against shocks, but also against pressure. When you press on your belly, the fluid tends to evenly protect the fetus and prevent any shocks that could cause injury to your child.

However, the amniotic fluid is contained in a pouch and this pouch is not indestructible. A very strong pressure can damage it, causing a leak and especially a risk of infection for the baby. Thus, it is strongly advised against driving in a rough or excessive manner to avoid strong pressure from the seat belt on the fetus. You should also avoid sports that can cause the belly to fall or be crushed by another person, such as judo. Be aware that the developing fetus is fragile and despite the natural protection it has in your belly, you should avoid any pressure that could endanger this natural protection.

After a few months, the fetus is already expressing its first feelings and if something is wrong, it will let you know through blows or changes in position in the womb.

What you need to know to reassure yourself

Can pressing on the stomach hurt the baby?

Of course, gentle pressure on your belly like your partner’s head to listen to your baby, stroking or cuddling, is not dangerous for your baby. Nature has designed things to be as safe as possible during gestation.

However, you should know that as the gestation period comes to an end, and this from the 6th month, the protection conferred by the amniotic fluid diminishes. Indeed, the baby grows and takes more and more space in the belly. The cushioning effect of the fluid diminishes. It is up to you to evaluate the acceptable pressure for your baby, especially as he approaches the 9th month.

But rest assured, cases of abnormal pressure that could cause injury to the baby in your belly are very rare. Be vigilant, but live your pregnancy to the fullest, with your spouse, your first children if you have any, your family and friends.

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